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beachy 2009

this is a podcast

by rachel, kelly and jeremy

some words at the start of it


jeremy ashlyn
garage projections
dimensions variable


i like when girls do screamo. that is why i originally liked glass candy and the shattered theatre. there is something innate and primordial about screaming, like yorda from ico. words are lost. it is outside of communication.

“as clear as an unmuddied lake”

notice the ‘fruits basket’ anime poster in the above image. screaming shatters an otherwise banal existence. nothing can stand in its way. it destroys everything. i would like to put that in the center of a gallery.


this movie made me want to make new wave comics.

relevant link: first ponytails comic

really no idea how i got on the rss feed for this website a couple years ago (looking around for text to cut up and put in poems possibly), or why this is the first image i felt compelled to re-post and share.

all sorts of odd, vaguely ms paint images over there

relevant link:

*rachel replies*

“There are a lot of images to be used as inspiration for cowboy costume design.”