In The Realm of the Senses by Nagisa Oshima – A Fake Review

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i got you
A Most Sordid Ancient Tale
The first Caligula – I didn’t expect that – Not from Oshima
The cinematography — nice, but it always looks better through here — John Waters

and here
Freddie Mercury
A little too close to porno
The ‘situations’
The sex is stupid
This guy sure is a grade a scumbag
The scoundrel!

Well it certainly OUTDOES Brown Bunny if you know what i mean
The comic oversimplification of things from Dear Summer Sister is applied elsewhere..
Wow something almost happened – a day dream

It means literally nothing to spy on anyone in this film
How else would the plot advance?
The only anchor is the METAL ancient ceremonial music showcased during private functions
Movie is dumb but some lovely pictures


I simply couldn’t finish this FILM
Although I DID
2 hr long gynecological exam
That long weird phone-call when you were a teenager that you knew even at the time was
Far from being ‘Art That Is Pornogaphic’ Realm of the Senses succeeds in being ‘A Pretty Good Porno’ – the same way a romance novel has a pretty good cover -
I could go on
I guess no more vapid than Oshima’s Cruel Story of Youth, but with a different trick
It would be funny if these two fucked themselves to death
You’ll get that joke if you watch it, kid


Your eyes are crogular
Your lips a shade of green
Whatever happened to that teenage dream?

“Watching your thing go in and out of me makes me feel good”
Check out that angular shit
That is the dialogue

“It feels so good”

Oh my god I can’t believe how LONG your film is

Like witnessing an entire era of the world witlessly coming to terms with their own sexuality – cute in a way but unnervingly insulting, the idea that a whole era of people could be so asinine fucking

On the plus side treats men and women equally stupid

The military
A vain attempt in the final moments for substance?

Two people who couldn’t give two fucks about each other, truly – s&m was born

– obv instrumental to Harmony Korine


Goddammit there is a pretty good 20 min scene at the end

Well, They Did It

In The Realm of the Senses by Nagisa Oshima 1976


Youth Killer by Kazuhiko Hasegawa – Seishun no satsujin sha – A Fake Review

youth killer
Kazuhiko Hasegawa

Foreword: I began these notes before realizing this film is mildly fucking disgusting

Tsutomu Tamura

Immediate reminder of Scene at the Sea

That umbrella

“Don’t get mad, there are knives around”

“This is strictly a family matter”

“The law”

“The law is worthless!”

A mother’s son

Like mother like son

“I don’t want to fix flat tires at 45 years old”

“This is a coffin”

“A polyethylene coffin”

Oh god

“You shouted ‘This is the sea!’”


Borders on absurd / comedic

Subject matter weights it

oppressive the idea of ‘humor’ seems hysterical

out of it’s mind

The Situation determines the dialogue – understanding and exploiting it

places you in a hypothetic nightmare, explores all the wrong choices

..through the struggle, a child understands the weight of —– True capital punishment* more later

“I won’t have to work anymore”

“No more hard work”

“I’m glad”

takes this shit Serious

Gosh this dumb brat was handed everything

Hipster Revenge Film —

Revenge Without A Cause

I want to be sick

Could do without the flshbcks – not important

Thinking abt why Satoshi Kon [Tokyo Godfathers] chose ‘The Man Who Stole The Sun’ as top 100 in his farewell letter ..

Could it be the resolved fatalistic attitude?

* — ‘youth’ in a self-determined haze accomplishes all tasks with Disgusting Fury — safe. this film is a mirror of consequence which will come with ‘age’. a gross moral Tale!

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