Harakara (The Village) by Yoji Yamada – A Fake Review

youth killer
Yoji Yamada


Yoji Yamada

Yoji Yamada

Yoji Yamada

A time

Yoji Yamada

Yoji Yamada

Hard work rewarded

Yoji Yamada

Yoji Yamada

A strange portrait of _——

Yoji Yamada

Perfunctory with no real weight

Yoji Yamada


Yoji Yamada

Not a film

Yoji Yamada

The memory of a field

Yoji Yamada

Yoji Yamada

If you want art it’s going to cost ya

Yoji Yamada

Strangely nothing anyone says

Yoji Yamada


Yoji Yamada

Yoji Yamada

“The mountain is simple”

“The mountain is silent”

“Oh mountain in the sunset”

Harakara (The Village) by Yôji Yamada 1976


Youth Killer by Kazuhiko Hasegawa – Seishun no satsujin sha – A Fake Review

youth killer
Kazuhiko Hasegawa

Foreword: I began these notes before realizing this film is mildly fucking disgusting

Tsutomu Tamura

Immediate reminder of Scene at the Sea

That umbrella

“Don’t get mad, there are knives around”

“This is strictly a family matter”

“The law”

“The law is worthless!”

A mother’s son

Like mother like son

“I don’t want to fix flat tires at 45 years old”

“This is a coffin”

“A polyethylene coffin”

Oh god

“You shouted ‘This is the sea!’”


Borders on absurd / comedic

Subject matter weights it

oppressive the idea of ‘humor’ seems hysterical

out of it’s mind

The Situation determines the dialogue – understanding and exploiting it

places you in a hypothetic nightmare, explores all the wrong choices

..through the struggle, a child understands the weight of —– True capital punishment* more later

“I won’t have to work anymore”

“No more hard work”

“I’m glad”

takes this shit Serious

Gosh this dumb brat was handed everything

Hipster Revenge Film —

Revenge Without A Cause

I want to be sick

Could do without the flshbcks – not important

Thinking abt why Satoshi Kon [Tokyo Godfathers] chose ‘The Man Who Stole The Sun’ as top 100 in his farewell letter ..

Could it be the resolved fatalistic attitude?

* — ‘youth’ in a self-determined haze accomplishes all tasks with Disgusting Fury — safe. this film is a mirror of consequence which will come with ‘age’. a gross moral Tale!

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